We highly recommend Manifestation Magic.

Here’s how it works:

Taps into the Power of the Subconscious Mind. Beginning with the established principle that only 5 percent of the human brain is occupied with conscious thought such as problem solving and decision making, Manifestation Magic acts upon the 95-percent of the human brain that operates subconsciously.

​​​Shifts Your Brainwaves through “Energy Orbiting” After shifting your brainwaves from a Beta State (where we generally live) to a Theta State (which is ordinarily achieved only in deep states of sleep or through successful meditation), you can use the power of “Energy Orbiting” to transform your thinking and your life.

Boosts Your Energy at the Subatomic Level
​​​In 95 percent of all people, subatomic particles generally vibrate at a lower frequency,
which in turn, attracts “low frequency” things, people, and events into their lives. Manifestation Magic allows you to achieve and maintain the higher rate of vibration frequency that can pull the life of your dreams into your orbit.

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